the alleged children of darkness

125 minutes
(4W, 4M, 4 NB)

It’s thirty years later than now. We still haven’t had another civil war, but it’s ever more imminent. On the eve of yet another election cycle, the return of an astronaut from Mars threatens to unbalance the already-fragile power struggle back on Earth. A harried formerly-known-as-NASA employee diligently assembles a welcome-home greeting party consisting of the astronauts twin daughters, whom he has never met, and who have not yet been informed of their relation to him, or to each other. Drawing upon pilot episodes of big blockbuster style dystopian tv shows for structural inspiration, alleged children of darkness explores how we, as humans, will fight over future resources, and how those battles may be grounded by identity, politics, and personal desire.

Staged Reading: Art House New Play Festival – 2019