Like pennies in a coat pocket, these ten-minute-type plays have a way of accumulating.  Here’s a selection of the more interesting ones I’ve come up with for various reasons.  Please ask permission if you’re interested in using one for any reason, academic, festival, etc.
* * * * *

The End of Fear (3 W, 1 M, all teenagers)
Four teens face the end of the civilization and rebuild it according to their values.

Written for the Stella Adler Summer Teen Conservatory, 2016.

Rejection Co. (2 M or W)
An experimental loop created from old rejection letters.

Written as part of Jeff Jone’s Pataphysics Workshop, 2016

Jet Lag (2 W)
A plane crashes while a stewardess and passenger try to remember how they know each other.  A play on a radio play.

Written for ‘Outta the Hat’, performed in Brooklyn (2015)

True Stories of MTA Employees (2 W, 1 M)
The Metro Transit Authority entraps a vulnerable rider into their underground club/lair.

Written for TINO RHINO, performed in Brooklyn (2015)

Draw a Lion (2 W)
One woman hires another woman to draw a lion, badly.

Published by Smith & Kraus (2013), Finalist for Heideman Award.