The Wind Farmer

Full length drama (100 minutes)   2M, 1W
A field specialist in charge of wind development shows up at the windiest  place on Earth in order to procure a signature on a lease agreement allowing his company to erect wind turbines on the farm. The farmer and his daughter have other plans.
Produced by Barter Theater (Abingdon, VA, 2012)

Readings at Great Plains Theater Conference and Centre Stage New Play Festival (2011),
Tangent Theatre Tivoli (2017)

Finalist for the Harold & Mimi Sternberg/ACTA New Play Award, Woodward/Newman Drama Award, and NNPN’s Smith Prize

“The Wind Farmer nearly resembles a fable set in the middle of nowhere on a nearly lifeless farm inhabited by an old man and his daughter. The only living thing remaining on the land is the ceaseless wind and a city man, Leo, has come to make them an offer on taking that away for a corporation. The issue of wind energy as an alternative energy source is secondary to larger issues about the durability of such values of holding on to property, family and history in a mercilessly pragmatic world.”

– ACTA Finalist Announcement

Wind Farmer-696

Barter Theater, 2012

Carnegie Mellon, 2011

Carnegie Mellon, 2011