Flight Patterns

100 minutes
(2M, 2W)

James is on a trip to the north where he meets Brendan, who lives off grid in the woods, and becomes infatuated with Lucy, who is crashing in a half-built wigwam.  Amy goes to the south and is bitten on the face by a bee on the 2nd morning of her silent retreat.  When they meet back up in the middle, everything is suddenly all wrong. But maybe it always was? Amy befriends Brendan in the woods. James tries to retrace Amy’s trip south. Brendan tries to win Lucy’s affection. Over a fragmented timeline that weaves in and out of time and location, FLIGHT PATTERNS engages in each character’s unique struggle with language, proximity, and life direction.

Created during a 2015 Stillwrite silent retreat in Texas
Reading: Theater East Playroom, NYC – 2021