Bear Slayer

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Full length Comedy (75 minutes) 2M, 2W

Based on fictionalized versions of real collaborators (director Joshua William Gelb and playwright Dan O’Neil lend the characters their names), Bear Slayer explores their suddenly realized and soon-to-be burning desire to traverse Alaska to hunt a bear, and the musical they plan on writing based on their experience.  This absurd premise provides the basis for a provocative discourse on conservative values, cultural misogyny and gender norms as seen from an unusual vantage point: the modern male who has grown up devoid of the American male experience, who must search for masculinity at all costs, and for no particular reason. Walking a fine line between fact and fiction, parody and poignancy, this madcap screwball, including musical numbers and bear suits, subverts the inane genre of the Hollywood “bromance” with a distinctly theatrical style.


Workshop Production: Ars Nova Project Residency 2016
Even-more-workshop Production: Ars Nova’s ANT FEST 2015
Showing: Little Theater, Dixon Place, 2014

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